About Us


PARK KENT Mobilyalari Inc. founded to make a difference in City Furniture and Playground Equipment and has became the leader company in quality, unique design and post-sales services, maintaining high product quality and creativity at the same time. PARK KENT Mobilyalari Inc. manufactures numerous products used in landscaping such as themed play systems, interactive play units, metal-plastic play systems, wooden-plastic play systems, outdoor­ equipment, soft play ball pools, playground equipment (swings, seesaws, spring riders and merry-go-rounds), gazebos and pergolas, benches, picnic tables, litter receptacles, recycling units, sports equipment, rubber fl„ooring, wooden-plastic and composite materials with it’s experienced and expert staff in its own facilities.

Products, which are developed by our design and R&D teams in accordance with current technological improvements, are created by means of computer-aided, three-dimensional modeling and animation techniques. At every stage of the production , quality control is carried out with the help of control machines, equipment and trained technical staff. Therefore, the lowest possible defect level is achieved by means of CNC-controlled machines.

PARK KENT’s main offi‰ce and factory are situated in A.S.O Industrial Zone 1 offers inland sales, installation and after-sale services to its customers.  However we have representatives/distributors that advertise and sale PARK KENT products in more than 20 other countries, PARK KENT foreign trades department also functions through the foreign trades agents at the main offi‰ce in Ankara.

We, as PARK KENT community, are working day and night with the hope of creating opportunities for you and your children – your most loved and valuable ones – to enjoy some happy moments together. We are most aware of the fact that our job requires an utmost sense of responsibility and deep devotion. We carry out every single process from design to production with this very awareness. We acknowledge the vital importance of avoiding making even the pettiest mistakes and we see it as our main duty to raise the same awareness in the society. We have dedicated ourselves to embellishing our cities, playgrounds, parks and every single corner you look at and to facilitate your lives. We invite you to join us in our efforts and give us the priceless strength by choosing PARK KENT quality and trust.