Every year in the A’Design Award competition held in Como, Italy, this year Park City Furnishings won an award in the Social Design category with its interactive educational product named LOOP.

The loop-named gaming element brings innovative ideas to the gaming community, with features designed to educate educators about recycling and renewable energy, designed for all ages and above.

Loop; It consists of two parts. The renewable energy division, the wind mill, is based on a simple discipline that two people can play. With the sound of the wind coming out when the two people muttered the windmill’s prop, the lights of the floors start to burn in succession in the buildings next to it. 3. The party that burns the top of the building wins the hand. At this point, players learn the necessity of renewable energy.

The other part, the recycling table, is based on the principle that the two players are also mutual. After the waste visual displayed on the screen, the game continues with the logic of writing the homepages of the side that first hit the button where it is. The game with the highest score wins. At this point, the players are transferred to the game with the key to recycling and the training of the necessity of collecting the waste of future generations in accordance with the recycling is given.