Ordering & Delivery Conditions

1) All orders become valid after the customer approval of the order form prepared by Park Kent.

2) Manufacturing or delivery of the order starts after customers putting forward the ordering contract to Park Kent which mentions the payment style, cash or telegraphic transfer or payment document. Otherwise, the delivery can not be carried out.

3) Customer should specify the requirements ( color, size, installation ground, etc.) about the product in the order form. Otherwise, Park Kent will not accept any responsibility for the problems which may arise with product.

4) Installation of children’s playgrounds, fitness centers, bus stops, gazebo and pergola units is executed by experts of Park Kent . On all the malfunctions occurred related with the manufacturing and installation of products are under warranty for 2 years. On the other hand, there is no warranty for installation malfunctions which are not executed by Park Kent as per the request from customer.

5) Installation of benches, litter bins, picnic tables, casting fountain and a classical garden furniture is carried out by the customer.

6) Products are handed over to the customer if the application area is not ready for installation . The all responsibilities for the protection of the products lay on the customer.

If the customer guarantees that the application area will be ready in 24 hours, experts can wait for a day on condition that full accommodation and expenses are paid by customer.

Experts will leave the application area if it becomes clear that the application area is not ready. Installation can be made on condition that the customer pays % 5 of the invoice value of the goods as well as the passenger expenses and full accommodation in the possible next installation date.

9) In long installation periods, the customer is to provide a place for accommodation and execution area in good norms for the Park Kent experts.

10) For abroad installation, all the expenses such as passport, visa, taxes, residing, transportation, etc. lay on customer . In some situations, for example safety, weather and social conditions, Park Kent has the right not to send experts.

11) Product prices do not include the transportation charges .

12) Park Kent has the right to change or exclude any product presented in website or in catalogs.

13) After installation, mounting chief gives customer satisfaction questionnaire form to the customer. All the problems specified by the customer in the questionnaire, will be considered and estimated by our customer relation center and the customer is informed in the soonest way.

14) All of our products are under guarantee for 2 years for any defects occurred during manufacturing. 5 year guarantee on spare parts can be given in exchange for cost.

15) There may occur cracks on a surface of wooden parts in connection with seasonal conditions at width 5 mm maximum and in height of the different size. These cracks are the technical fact connected with natural adaptation of wood in conditions of environment. Cracks of such size are accepted as normal. But in case of the increase of the crack size in more than 5 mm, and the duration of this situation for more than 4 months, the related parts are object to be changed. Connection bolts in wooden accessories are also object to loosen in connection with seasonal conditions. In these situations, customer should use the kit supplied by Park Kent for maintenance as per the users manual.

16) All products are manufactured for related age group. Customer is responsible to supply right usage of the product.

17) If customer has given the wrong sizes of execution area for installation, Park Kent does not accept any responsibility for problems which can arise during installation.

18) If the address mentioned in the invoice and the address mentioned in the shipping address are different, customer is to give the exact address of execution area to Park Kent , as well as the name of the authorized person and his phone numbers.

19) After customer or its representative signs the handing over protocol on the termination of installation, Park Kent does not accept any responsibility for any damages occurred.

20) In case of the installation area is abroad, customer should provide interpreter for mounting experts.

21) Installation which has been completed requires concrete drying period in winter season min.3 days, and in summer season min 2 days, During these periods, the execution area should not be used . This responsibility lays on customer side.

22) Park Kent will make suitable package for all products.

23) Installation experts of Park Kent will work wearing suitable clothes. And also will adhere the rules of ethics and work on the area of installation.

24) Installation experts of Park Kent should show cards of medical insurance in case of request of the client.

25) In all cases of disagreement, Ankara courts are authorized.