Privacy and Legal Condititons

The Rights, Responsibilities and Conditions.

By entering into Park Kent web-site or one of its pages, you are considered to be accepted below-mentioned conditions. In case of not accepting these conditions you need to leave this İnternet site.


The Information, data, graphic, image, also its elements and all the rights of the edition which are presented on Park Kent website belong to Park Kent unless the contrary is not specified.

The user can use any informatin , data, and images of this website only to get information.

These data can not be copied, made multiple copies, distributed, rented, practised,changed, used the license, kept for further use, and also can not be used in commercial objectives, entirely or partially, without the written approval of Park Kent .

The Responsibilities

The information, data, graphics and images of Park Kent website have been collected from reliable sources, therefore as to reliability and completeness of the information, Nor Park Kent and also the organizations which have brought the contribution or anybody have no any obligations.

The information, data, graphics and images which are presented on this website can never be accepted for the offer of the share receipt, sale and purchase, and also an investment of the investment capital in commercial sphere.

Users are clearly accept that mistakes and the defects which have appeared in the information, the schedule and the image in this web-site because of the technical reasons, a human negligence or any mistakes, malfunction of system or operation, interruption of electricity, and also any other interruptions, computer viruses, or any losses, damage or risk, directly or indirectly, appeared because of use of these data in commercial objectives, or because of impossibility of reception as the user of the given information, nor Park Kent and also the organizations which have brought the contribution or anybody have no any obligations.

Any risk and the responsibility for realization of communication and for properties of pages of sites which have been given by Park Kent , lays on the user.

In case of need, Park Kent has the right to interrupt communication with a site in full or in part without the prevention and instructions of the reasons, and to stop of a site temporarily or permanently . For this reason , Park Kent does not accept any responsibility for any damage which may be received by the user.

Park Kent has the right to change all information, data, graphic and images presented in this website without giving any former information.